Trying to watch your figure? Gelato can help! Here’s a list of mind blowing italian Gelato facts you should know about if you are serious about keeping a healthy Gelato habit:

  • Lower Fat and Air content

Our gelato typically has half the fat content, compared to mass produced ice cream. Less air also means a better taste, it’s a WIN / WIN scenario!

  • Less calories

If you love your gelato you can still have some in your diet while lowering the calories intake, we’re the place to go to get yours!

  • Available in LOW FAT and LACTOSE FREE (sorbets ONLY)

Our sorbets have a very small percentage of fat in them, they’re extra healthy! Got any of those nasty lactose intolerance? You can still experience great gelato sorbet!

  • Fresh & made with natural ingredients

We carefully select the best fruit & the richest ingredients for our gelato, that’s our passion, if you don’t trust us, check out what the customers have to say!

  • Silkier texture, better taste

Once your taste buds try gelato, you won’t go back, trust us.

  • Artisan production method

Mass production ice cream has standardized, boring taste, our gelato is made by artisans, with passion and love