Our artisan gelato is special because we make our own Gelato base daily with fresh ingredients. We do not use industrial bases whatsoever. Our secret lies in the meticulous search of the components used in our recipes. Some are imported from our homeland of Italy, and others from various regions of the world. We use pistachios from Bronte, Sicily; hazelnuts from Langhe, Piedmont; as well as Vairhona chocolate, which sources cocoa beans of the finest variety from a plantation in Venezuela. We serve our customers a healthier product by using low fat milk, which does not contain artificial hormones or antibiotics.

Our Gelato flavors are subject to a continuous adjustment and elaboration, in order to guarantee the best quality┬áin our products and the best of Gelato with the best ingredients. We usually make flavors with fruits of season, so when you visit us at a different time be sure you’ll find a lot of new stuff.

Each week we choose “The flavor of the week”, which is a custom signature flavor available across our 5 locations in South Florida. Enjoy some of our flavors below!

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