A new Yummy partnership – Gelato-go & Dolci di Sicilia

We are proud to announce that from this week on we are serving at our Miami Beach store (coming soon at Miami Downtown shop too) some of the most amazing fine Italian pastry like Cassatina, Fruit Tart, Genovese filled with Ricotta cheese and Tiramisu, made by Dolci di Sicilia.
With tens of years of experience in the industry, Dolci di Sicilia manages to combine the best of the Sicilian and Italian pastry tradition with a particular attention to the quality of the ingredients. That’s how at Dolci di Sicilia they chose to partner with The best Gelato in Miami, Gelato-go.
Moreover, old recipes, the finest ingredients and a selection of the best of traditional Italian and Sicilian sweets are the secret of the preparation of their pastries.
Those premises go perfectly with the philosophy of Gelato-go: that’s why, in the same way, You can find some of our most renowned gelato flavors at Dolci di Sicilia store, conveniently located in the heart of the North Beach district of Miami Beach (725 71st Street, Miami).
Even though You are not incomprehensibly interested in any of our unique gelato flavors, don’t miss the chance to combine our amazing Italian coffee (espresso, latte, cappuccino) with finest Italian pastry.
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