How Brazilians can open a Gelato Franchising in the USA

The insecurity in countries all over the world – whether because of safety or fluctuating currency concerns – lead people and companies with capital to seek to invest in the United States.  Many investments, if structured correctly, can help investors in obtaining an immigration status, which could allow investors and their families to live, work and study legally in the United States.  In general, the three most common visas investors pursue are the E-2, L-1, and EB-5 visas.

As a matter of fact, Brazilians cannot apply for E-2 visas as Brasil does not apply to the program. Therefore, they can take advantage of their heritage by applying through their Italian, German, Swedish or other origins. Gelato-go is very proud to announce to be one of the selected franchising brand providing L-1, E-2, EB-5 to Brazilian investors willing to open Gelato-go branches across United States of America.

In cooperation with Visa Franchise LLC (, our Ceo , Dr. Domenico D’Addio, travel often to Brazil along with business development person Mr. Patrick Findaro, Commercial Director of Visa Franchise LLC: supported by the legal, immigration and tax advisors Marcelo Gotke Vega, Fabricio Zanello of the prestigious Brazilian Law Firm Godke, Silva & Rocha and Fernando Retzler Martins partner of the prestigious Brazilian Law Firm WFaria, they all will be presenting all the Gelato-go franchising opportunities to the possible investors in official meetings hosted in the cities of Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Natal, Ribeirao Preto and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Gelato-go brand has been selected because is the perfect business for both direct and indirect franchising option in between $ 150.000 and 200.000 investment value.

Due to its especially elasticity of business, Gelato-go franchising will offer Brazilian investors a wide range of tailored made solutions for any single needs.

For more information regarding our Franchising opportunities to open a Gelato store in the USA, please visit our Franchising section

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