Gelato-go reviewed among the best 4 Gelato shops in South Florida on the Sun Sentinel

If it wasn’t clear enough in the past, it has been confirmed again through the press, Sun Sentinel certifies our Gelato is good, authentic and natural. The article describes the story of how our 3 Italian founders got together and decided to open this little gem on Ocean Drive, Miami.

A year later, the Downtown store was opened on SE 1st street, Miami. After another year, Gelato-go moved far north, on the sunny Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale.

The Gelato base is made daily with fresh ingredients. Our secret is the meticulous ingredients used in each of the recipes, imported from our homeland of Italy and from all over the world. Some of the ingredients we use in the production of our Gelato are pistachios from Bronte, Sicily, hazelnuts from Langhe, Piedmont, and we exclusively use Vairhona chocolate, which sources cocoa beans of the finest variety from a plantation in Venezuela. We serve you a healthier product by using milk which does not contain artificial hormones or antibiotics.

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