What’s so Awesome about a Gelato Party?

We know a thing or two about Gelato, and we know how to party. So take it from us: the Gelato party is one of the more epic ways to make a gathering memorable. Whether you’re celebrating a recent win at work with an office celebration, throwing the graduation party of the year, or hosting a building get-together, nothing makes quite the splash that Gelato-go’s catering service does.

Even better, we do it all: we show up, set up our cute little cart and clean up so all you have to do is enjoy our Gelato. It’s like bringing our shop right into your office, or backyard, or wedding, or building, or birthday party. You get the point.


What about the pricing? We have two main options:

$5.99 per serving/person;
$9.99 “all you can eat” where you and your guests can enjoy as much Gelato as you want.

Do you own a restaurant/hotel and you would like us to help you to serve and deliver our Gelato? Sure!

Give us a call or shoot us an email today and we will set up anything you will need and provide you with the best quote for your next, memorable get-together! For additional info, click here or email us at domenico@localhost



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