Why Gelato is the most convenient option for your restaurant’s dessert

Nothing beats a bowl of sweet, smooth Gelato—well, except maybe a cone of it. When we can’t make it to one of our favorite ice cream parlors, we become big fans of restaurants who have home-made gelato in their dessert menus. While some Miami chefs realize how hard it is to achieve the best, most consistently creamy results—without an icy or granular texture— most of them still try to produce Gelato in-house. That is very challenging.

We always remind to our chef friends a few important reasons why their restaurant would always benefit from purchasing Gelato from a third party vendor, such as Gelato-go. Happily, we’ve got a few tips that you might want to share with them. Way cool.

First of all – Gelato machines are expensive. If you are willing to buy an Italian Carpigiani (which is the top brand worldwide) full machines’ set, you might be easily spending around $60k. Also – if you want to produce home-made Gelato – you’ll have to create your own recipe (the Gelato base). The (expensive) option to that is to buy the product (base) from vendors such as Montebianco, Mec3 and PreGel.

Last but not least – you will have to ensure that ice cream consistency and texture are perfect. Our product is definitely top quality compared to the major Gelato outlets in South Florida: our secret is the meticulous search of the components used in each of the recipes, some imported from our homeland of Italy and from all over the world.

Finally, for most restaurants pricing is still key to evaluate a new partner. Let’s assume you are purchasing Gelato at $12/kilo. That will allow you to have 10 scoops/balls of ice cream that can be used for 5 desserts, that you will be selling at $7/8. Do the math – you will find out it’s a no brainer dessert option for your restaurant!

There are many ideas/recipes on how to make a dessert with Gelato. Among top Gelato-go clients, Pinch restaurant produces a dessert with Home-made Babba topped with Thyme Gelato – simply delicious (http://www.pinchmiami.com/) !

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