Why opening a Gelato franchise in the US

Opening a Gelato shop in the US can be as exciting as well as challenging. The investment required to open a gelato shop consists of both tangible and intangible goods. Many variables influence the final investment: the size of the shop, its location, the needs of employees, and many others. Recently, Gelato-go was one of the speaker of a Visa Franchisee conference in Toronto – check out our CEO’s video interview below:


The intangible investments to open a gelato shop concern the start-up costs, the bureaucratic expenses, and the registration trademarks, to name a few. For this reason, being assisted and guided by sector experts in the starting stages is mandatory.

The main tangible investments are machinery, equipment, and laboratory accessories. The furnishings are another crucial investment in the store. These will help catch the attention of people passing by your shop for the first time. And the gelato showcase, for example, represents the picture frame that gives importance to your gelato!

The most important machinery in an artisan gelato laboratory are the batch freezer, the gelato showcase, freezer, soft serve machine and a mixer. The cost of these pieces of equipment changes depending on if they are new or used. Then you’ll also need other additional tools like rubber spatulas, pitchers, spoons, whisks and buckets, and don’t forget all the necessary items to clean the shop.

Lastly, you’ll need to choose artisan gelato ingredients and raw materials to produce a high quality gelato: be sure to choose the best!

We are here to help and excited to announce the launching of the Gelato-go franchise system. Since we first opened our business in 2013, we have had hundreds of requests from people all over the country that have been to our stores to bring Gelato-go to their community.

Our love for desserts and having an entire Italian team running the business transformed a dream into the premier Gelato Shop in the Miami area, according to the Miami New Times and several other publications.

We will support you in all aspects of bringing Gelato-go to your community. Our Development Team, Master Gelato Chef and Owners will assist you in making delicious gelato, finding a location, designing and building out your store, training your staff on-site in one of our company-owned locations and providing you with all the tools that have made Gelato-go an unparalleled success.

From the moment you sign our Franchise Agreement, you will have access to our support network that will guide you through every phase of opening a new Gelato-go shop. We will provide you with the initial training to teach you how to create our wonderful products, serve your guests and manage your location.

The Gelato-go team will work with you to help find a suitable location. We will support you in site selection, lease negotiation and in all aspects of the development process. Ultimately, you will be responsible for finding and acquiring your location, but we will be there to help every step of the way. Our designated architects will help you with layouts, design and everything that’s required to turn your space into an efficient and beautiful Gelato-go.

Our operations and marketing team will guide you through the opening process, equipping you with the tools to market to the local community and get ready for your Grand Opening. Plus, one of our experienced operators will be on-site with you to help make sure this important and exciting event is a terrific success. Check out our franchising program now!

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