Did you know about Gelato delivery to your house or office?

Most of people in the US are not aware that you can deliver Gelato in 2 single portions – 16oz and 32 oz – directly to your house or office in foam containers. Flavors are always both fruity Sorbetto and creamy Gelato and vary according to seasonal availability, trends and wishes from the clients. Serve it as luxury dessert at a fancy dinner with your friends and family, build your own cookie sandwich or simply do it the old fashioned way: enjoy our popsicles. The Gelato is carefully hand-delivered to your house or office, but make sure you pay attention to some standard precautions:

  • You can store Gelato in a normal freezer for 4-6 months, so no need to hurry or throw anything away – it will keep the same quality and texture.
  • The average delivery price obviously depends on your distance from one of our stores but averages at $3.  Make sure you pick the closest store to your doorstep.
  • We are continuously working on logistics that is most convenient to all our customers. Online delivery platforms have been popped up in the past few years – Eat24hours, GrubHub, Seamless, Postmates and now UberEats. But you can always place your order by calling directly the store.

Each month we promote a new flavor called “Flavor of the week” chosen by our team of Gelato chefs, so make sure you check our social profiles to know what’s going on. These are hard-to-find, unique ice creams made in small batches by boutique producers and you’ll never find these delicious ice creams in your local supermarket or in national stores. From the classic flavors you grew up with, to new exciting flavors you’ll want to grow old with, you’ll be delighted and surprised with each monthly different delivery.

To order you Gelato fresh today, click here and enjoy!

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