Carpigiani Gelato machine’s leader to offer “Chef Gelato Course”

Ice-cream equipment manufacturer Carpigiani is to offer a second one-day gelato course to chefs across the industry as part of the expansion of its Gelato University programme. Gelato-go is proudly using across all its location the equipment world’s leader.

Aimed at chefs in all food service establishments, Carpigiani will be putting on a second free-to-attend chef course on Monday 24 October at Carpigiani’s development kitchen in Park Royal, London. The course will be led by an experienced ‘gelato master’ and will cover topics including ‘The Science Behind Gelato + Gelato vs. Ice Cream’, ‘Balancing a Recipe – White, Yellow and Chocolate Base’, ‘Fresh Fruit Gelato & Sorbet’ and ‘Gelato on a stick, gelato cakes & single portion desserts’.

Tailored to suit the needs of chefs, the course will examine the best ingredients and recipes for inclusion on a menu, while giving an insight into the process of making gelato ‘in-house’ and the significant profit opportunities that can be achieved when compared with purchasing ready-made alternatives. Following the inaugural course earlier this year, it will take elements of the Gelato University programme, run by Carpigiani around the world.

Chefs need to register in advance by visiting, calling 01432 346 018 or emailing Paul Ingram, managing director of Carpigiani UK, said: “We were so delighted with the response to the first ‘Chef Gelato University’ course that we have decided to give chefs another chance to take part in this exclusive opportunity. Designed by our dedicated team, the one-day course provides a comprehensive overview of authentic, artisan gelato production in a kitchen environment. Looking at gelato and sorbet recipe formulation, balancing ingredients, the different bases that can be used and the trend in gelato on a stick, gelato cakes and single portion desserts that is emerging from the continent, the one-day course will cover many of the questions raised by chefs throughout the industry.”

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