Nine Gelato stores to open by mid-2018 over South Florida and California

Gelato-go confirms itself as a very fast-growing small company expanding with 6 more new franchising stores in the next 6 months in South Florida and 3 more shops in the other top market area of California. A brand-new flagship store in the world most famous and upscale spot of Beverly Hills along with a joint-venture that will lead to the opening of another Gelato parlor in Santa Monica and the upcoming one in Oceanside, near San Diego.
Not forgetting the already opened franchising stores located in prime locations in the cities of Fort Lauderdale and Sarasota (the latter inaugurated one month ago’ and already receiving a lot of success), next opening stores coming up will be the one in Oceanside, California, and the Beverly Hills one, both by mid-September, and most likely followed up by the ones in Delray Beach, Orlando, Aventura, Plantation, Boca Raton and Sunny Isles within the end of April 2018.
Gelato-go Franchising Program (visit: offers a complete, supportive and very reliable franchisee-oriented program, that may include “Phase 1 and Phase 2’’ – a specific customer-oriented support which will allow the new owners to have their new Gelato parlor totally set up and running along with an ongoing support and training for the first 3 months of business, developing at the same time the B2B (wholesale to restaurants).
Gelato-Go Franchising Program is an amazing business opportunity allowing relatively small foreigner investors to live and work in the United States of America, as this Program is part of the “E2 Visa Approved project”. As of today, Gelato-Go already helped 8 families from Brazil (carrying Italian Passports), Turkey, Venezuela and Italy have their Visas approved and their dreams come true: living and doing Business in the “Country of the Opportunities”, where all is possible.
In the mean-time Gelato-Go has been carrying out the finalization of further franchising agreements with new possible franchisees in order to pioneer Gelato-go’s healthy Italian Gelato across other Florida’s desirable areas like Tampa, Naples, St. Petersburg, St. Augustine and North of Florida.
Other possible flourishing regions that are being carefully evaluating by Gelato-go Franchising Manager in close collaboration with the above mentioned future franchisees includes the urban areas of Austin, Houston and Dallas, as the state of Texas is another desirable destination with its peculiar climate and its Tax breaks (same as the State of Florida).  This is just another step into Gelato-go’s market development.
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