America simply can’t get enough of Gelato-go!

A famous writer, Ernestine Ulmer legendarily quipped, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” Perhaps she was onto something, now that we take into account the newfound love of healthy ice-cream in America today. Yes, we said healthy and ice-cream in the same sentence; like two peas in a pod. And at the apex, is Gelato-go, America’s newest gelato franchise.

In retrospect, Ernestine lived at a time when modern health science was just starting to stretch its shriveled miniature wings, and break free from the proverbial chains of traditional health beliefs. A time when ice-cream was a delicacy solely for the aristocrats; a sort of sweet poison if you like that served to rid you of your lovely smile and bring forth a torrent of health problems.

If Ernestine was time-warped to the 21st Century, she’d fall in love with two things. Of course, her love for writing would be satiated by all the numerous blogs she’d guest post on. And secondly, the validation that her love for dessert has now become an easy to come-by commodity in modern day America!

What’s ‘chilling’ in Miami?

gelato-go-affogatoOnly recently, Gelato-go decided to take their talents to South Miami, which makes five locations in Florida, with another opening in North Miami in March. And we bet the residents and revelers in Miami were exhilarated; eager to get their hands on some of the store’s sumptuous treats. Not that we’ve got anything against them; being that they are under the mercy of the scorching sun!

Like its contemporaries, the gelateria in Miami certainly brings the whole shebang; plus it’s got its own unique blend of options spruced up to give customers a sweet albeit healthy delight.

The ingredients are just as fresh and satiating as they’ve always been, with extra delicacies to accentuate the flavor such as imported pistachios homegrown in Italy!

It’s going to be a busy 2018

Gelato-go’s growth and expansion has been soaring off the charts lately, and we ponder whether their market aggressiveness is the sign of a asserting their power play? It’s pretty clear that they’ve sent a dominant memo to all competition saying “Look guys, we’re here to stay’. Which really reiterates what they’ve been doing all along to stay at the top!

In fact, they plan to open 5 more gelaterias in Florida as well as 3 more in California by the end of the year. In Florida, three of them will still be located in Miami. Specifically in Miami Lakes, Doral, and 2 more locations situated in North Miami) before finishing off with one in Orlando and another in Tampa.

Gelato-go-los-angelesIn California, Gelato-go will expand its portfolio beyond its current locations in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Oceanside. San Diego is set to become a JV (joint venture), with the intent of Gelato fully running the show in terms of the ‘know-how’ of the business. This will then be followed by the launch of a production plant this year for restaurants and hotels to serve the delicious, healthy gelato.

And all the way to Texas, anticipation is soaring after Gelato-go just signed a franchising deal for the first location in Houston, with the location search to begin next month.

2018 is definitely going to be an industrious year for Gelato-go! And you wouldn’t want to miss out; especially if you are interested in being a part of this fast-growing franchise and it’s gelato-business educational programs. Heck, if you’re planning to invest, then these venues are definitely where you need to be. Checkout the investor event page to see more details on tickets for the February 27th event in Orlando and March 2nd in Miami.

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