Mike Tyson strikes again – stealing ice cream at the US open

Bad news for Mike Tyson, that again shows his incredible passion for Gelato and Ice cream. We remember him so well when last summer he visited our store and got two huge cups of Stracciatella and Oreo Gelato – check his pictures with the Gelato-go team here! Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson treated a […]

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Why opening a Gelato franchise in the US

Opening a Gelato shop in the US can be as exciting as well as challenging. The investment required to open a gelato shop consists of both tangible and intangible goods. Many variables influence the final investment: the size of the shop, its location, the needs of employees, and many others. Recently, Gelato-go was one of the […]

ice cream museum new york

The Ice cream museum in New York finally open to public

A temporary ice cream museum dedicated to all things ice cream is treating visitors to edible balloons, a Chocolate Chamber, a “swim” in a pool of faux rainbow sprinkles and, of course, scoops of heavenly ice cream. The museum is the brainchild of founder Maryellis Bunn, whose team has produced events for the likes of […]


How to prepare ice cream/gelato at home

Everybody would like to be able to prepare his/her own ice cream. When homemade, it is the best of all puddings. You can slave away at a Bake Off-worthy multi-tiered mousse for that smart dinner party – but, in the end, what guests choose is the ice cream. Gelato is also lovely stuff to make, particularly […]


Gelato-go delivers Custom Signature flavors to restaurants

At Gelato-go, Gelato is 100% customizable.  “In Miami we have experimented with such ingredients as lavender, cherry basil and rosemary among many others for our custom signature flavors” D’addio says. Gelato-go opened in 2013 after Mr. D’addio, Mr. Alvino and Mr. Arminio, childhood friends, decided to get together in Miami and bring to US “the […]

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