Bernie Sanders Gelato flavor at Ben&Jerry – Gelato-go will have Donald Trump’s!

We are pretty sure You all guys still remember Meg Ryan‘s famous fake orgasm scene in the 1989 romantic comedy When Harry met Sally followed by Estelle Reiner’s iconic line “I’ll have what she’s having”. If so, the site of that scene was Katz’s Delicatessen (also known as Katz’s of New York City): since its founding […]


Gelato-go Celebrities

They are the rich, famous and glamorous. They have great taste, they don’t want no “second choice” Ice Cream, they crave Gelato-go all natural Gelato! We are happy when we see a well known face in our shops, and after their Gelato treats, celebrities look happier too! Come visit us and we’re sure you’ll understand […]