Treat Yourself with some Gelato!

Officers of the Wichita Falls Police Department in Texas started rewarding good behavior with ice cream a couple of weeks ago. And we thought that we should do so as well, but with a healthier twist.

We all know that Gelato is a far better option than ice cream and if you didn’t know that, here in a nutshell are a couple of reasons why..

First of all, gelato has lower fat and air content than ice cream which means you would be digesting less calories while experiencing better taste than regular ice cream! We also provide Low Fat and Lactose free sorbets for those trying to go even healthier! Besides that, here in Gelato-Go we choose the best ingredients out there and freshly prepare our gelato on a daily basis.

So what are you thinking? Come to our store and reward yourself for your good behavior in a healthier way with Gelatos.


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