America simply can’t get enough of Gelato-go!

A famous writer, Ernestine Ulmer legendarily quipped, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” Perhaps she was onto something, now that we take into account the newfound love of healthy ice-cream in America today. Yes, we said healthy and ice-cream in the same sentence; like two peas in a pod. And at the apex, is Gelato-go, […]

Gelato-go expands with its fourth South Florida Franchising agreement

Gelato-go signs its third South Florida’s franchising agreement last week for Weston, Florida. Gelato-go’s strategic growth plan constitutes new franchisees to pioneer Gelato-go’s healthy Italian Gelato across Florida, and California. Gelato-go’s Franchise owners, Gerson Leite de Oliveira, is originally from Brazil and will move to the US in the next months with an E2 investor […]


Marijuana Legalization through Weed-Infused Gelato in Italy

Don’t call it marijuana ice cream: It’s cannabis creme gelato. Lucky locals from the quaint coastal village of Alassio—situated in Liguria, along the eastern coast of Italy—can now enjoy a scoop of the aptly dubbed “Marley” (as in Bob) flavor at Perlecò, a local gelato shop. Emanuela Baudana, the owner of the shop, has long been known for […]


An antioxidant Gelato that makes you better at sports

An Italian cardiologist and lifelong ice cream enthusiast has created a unique gelato which is not only delicious, but may also help you live a longer, healthier life – and even run faster. Researcher Valerio Sanguigni has patented a recipe for an ice cream with antioxidant properties. His tasty creation has proven health benefits and can […]

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