Yea Seriously…


Are you organizing an event ?

Do you want to make it memorable?

Wedding, Party, Birthday Party, Scholar events, Professionnal events… We know a thing or two about Gelato, and we know how to party!
So take it from us: a Gelato party is one of the more epic ways to make a gathering memorable.


Excellent quality

Excellent quality

Our artisanal gelato is special because we use only fresh Italian ingredients and seasonnal fruits

Amazing Team

Amazing Team

Our Amazing team is here to advise you and help you to choose the ultimate flavors to make your event the best possible!

We do it All!

We do it All!

We arrive, set up our gelato cart and clean up as well, All you need to do is enjoy our Gelato.

Gelato for everyone

Gelato for everyone

We have products for all tastes: dairy free, vegan and low calorie

Our catering is available in:

  • Miami

    Ocean Drive, Espanola Way, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach
  • Fort lauderdale

    1221 E. Las Olas Blvd.
    FL 33301
  • Delray Beach

    411 E. Atlantic Ave.
    FL 33483
  • Orlando

    513 S Park Ave.
    FL 32789
  • Sarasota

    14 S. Orange Ave.
    FL 34236
  • Boca Raton

    1928 Ne 5th
    FL 33431
  • West Palm Beach

    1754 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd
    FL 33401
  • California

    Los Angeles Area
Fruits left

Choose up to 4 flavors

Option 1

1 serving per guest (4oz gelato)
1 Hostess service (1.5 hours)
$4.90 per person + $150 Hostess Service

Option 2

All You can eat gelato
1 Hostess Service (1.5 Hours)
$9.90 per person + Hostess service included

We also make real Italian Coffee!

Fruits right

Bring our delicious pastries too!

  • Cannoli


  • Bombolone


  • Fruit Tarte

    Fruit Tarte

  • Lobster


  • Cassatina


  • Croissant


  • Tiramisu


  • Pizza


  • Calzone


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